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Ablutophobia – If you have ablutophobia then you had better go grab some deodorant because you are probably too scared to take a bath or clean yourself.

Ergophobia – In what is probably one of the most convenient phobias on this list ergophobia is the fear of work or the workplace environment. On a serious note however, psychologists believe it is a combination of various fears such as failing at assigned tasks, social anxiety, and public speaking.

Nomophobia – Short for no-mobile-phone phobia, this is the constant fear of not having service and according to researchers in the UK a whopping 50% of people have it. Third world…we apologize

Philophobia – Although butterflies in the stomach are often associated with love, for someone with philophobia those butterflies are more like deadly scorpions, as they are petrified of falling in love. Unfortunately many people in this category end up living a life of solitude and fear of commitment.

Somniphobia – Also known as hypnophobia, this is the abnormal fear of falling asleep. Oftentimes it can be the result of people feeling as though they are losing control and nightmares have been known to cause it as well.

Heliophobia – In a sort of modern day vampirism, heliophobia is actually defined as fear of the sun. Although it sounds harmless, it can actually be quite serious and lead to vitamin D deficiency as a result of staying indoors.

Chaetophobia – Although some people with chaetophobia only fear loose or detached hair, others can be terrified by the hairs on their very own bodies.

Arachibutyrophobia – Although you’ve probably heard this one thrown around, the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth is actually a made up phobia. It was first mentioned in the Peanuts comic strip and pop culture has run with it ever since.

Haphephobia – Whatever you do just make sure you don’t get too close to anyone with haphephobia…it’s the fear of being touched.

Oikophobia – Imagine being scared of your toaster…and your oven, and your refrigerator, and every other household appliance you own. For people with oikophobia, c’est la vie.

Coulrophobia – Generally found in children, coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. Some phobias are just so sad.

Aibohphobia – For those of you who don’t know, a palindrome is any word that is spelled the same both forwards and backwards. “Racecar” would be a good example. Aibohphobia is the fear of palindromes, which is intentionally a palindrome itself. This, however, is yet another made up phobia created by computer nerds in the early 80s.

Neophobia – Generally found in the elderly, neophobia is classified as the fear of new things and in its milder form consists of an unwillingness to part with old habits.

Hylophobia – It’s the irrational fear of wood, forests, and trees and as with most of the phobias on this list it is often the result of some long forgotten traumatic experience such as being beaten with a piece of wood or attacked in a forest.

Gephyrophobia – If you have this phobia just make sure you don’t live close to the river because you would probably be too scared to cross any of its bridges. Some cities, however, provide services where they will actually drive your car across the bridge for you.

Descendophobia – For someone with descendophobia, walking down stairs or inclines can be a terrifying experience and many times they may get dizzy as well. On the other hand you could also have ascendophobia – fear of moving upwards.

Chronophobia – One of the stranger phobias on this list, chronophobia is the fear of time passing. Not surprisingly it is often found mostly in prison inmates or the elderly but it can also occur in people who experience a lot of stress and anxiety.

Phagophobia – This one could truly be hard to live with. Phagophobia is the fear of swallowing and in some cases it can actually lead to weight loss and malnutrition.