5 Tips to Avoid Anxiety Eating

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It seems simple not to eat two cheeks when we are nervous or feel anxiety but whoever suffers will tell you otherwise. To reinforce the will and motivation we sometimes lose, Time magazine shares 5 tips to avoid anxiety eating.

Eating is a patch-like solution, at the moment it calms our anxiety but later (the next morning on the scale) we regret it. We must avoid this vicious circle to feel good about ourselves both physically and mentally.

1. Distracted.

There is much talk about stress and a recent Finnish study reveals that women suffer higher levels than men at work. We have a thousand things in the head and come to terms with everything is overwhelming.

Before starting to munch or attack the box of chocolates, you have to distract yourself: call a friend, send messages by Twitter (the bosses are going to hate me), make a parenthesis and go out to take the air (well, smokers do it, don’t they?). Changing food for tobacco is not worth it!

2. Write down your moments of weakness.

They recommend keeping an agenda where you write down when anxiety arises and the need to eat because of emotional hunger. Knowing it will make you more aware of the problem and help you control it. It may be at the beginning of the day, only determined days because of some difficult class, etc.

3. Eat with conscience.

I am of the opinion that everything is learned. Dr. Edward Abramson, a professor of psychology at California State University, teaches you to become aware of eating habits to keep them from being automatic. It has been proven that the more conscious you are, the stronger the willpower.

4. Exercise.

We all know the numerous benefits of practicing some sport or doing physical exercise for our mind. Again, they recommend it to relax and soothe that anxiety that makes us open the fridge without being hungry. Exercise strengthens the executive powers of the brain, controlling yourself and fighting against temptation is easier. Yoga, walking, cycling, swimming.

5. Sleep well and enough hours.

Lack of sleep does not help anything, the mind is more prone to depression, anguish and our willpower weakens. Studies on the subject claim that people with poor sleep eat too much.

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(Source: https://belleza.trendencias.com/dietas-y-nutricion/revista-time-5-consejos-para-evitar-comer-por-ansiedad)

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