6 Helpful Tips On How To Overcome Social Anxiety & Develop Your Social Skills!

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How exactly does one overcome their social anxiety and develop their social skills?

Well, that’s exactly the focus of this video.

In this video, I talk about why taking action is the most important thing when it comes to getting over social anxiety.

This video will hopefully help to change your perspective and mindset when it comes to social interaction. However, at the end of the day YOU need to take the necessary steps to improve your social life by putting yourself in situations that may feel a little uncomfortable at first.

I also touch on how human beings may still be hard-wired to fear social rejection because of events that took place thousands of years ago.

In centuries past, when human beings were forced to live a more tribal type lifestyle, being outcast from the group often meant facing the insurmountable dangers of the wilderness on your own. Obviously the times have changed, but it seems that human evolution may not be progressing quite as quickly.

The meat of this video focuses on 6 extremely beneficial tips that you should keep in mind whenever you feel a sense of oncoming dread concerning an upcoming social interaction, public speaking event, or presentation. These tips should help to relax you and put you in a more positive state.

At the end of the video, I go over where I’m at in my social life and how this summer I needed to make a drastic change to further enhance my social and communication skills.

Here’s a link to the accompanying blog post:

How to Overcome Social Anxiety

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