Addressing Anxiety & Fear of Public Speaking ~ Mru’s Minute Mentoring

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

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I’m Mru Patel, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and Life Coach, and I want to teach you how to Present and Communication yourself and your ideas for the Maximum Impact.

Being able to stand up and speak confidently to an audience or for that matter even with your work colleagues, manager, board, clients etc , is an essential skill for life. Whether the goal is to make winning presentations at work or an entertaining speech at a wedding, we all want to be memorable – for the right   reasons. The power of your presentation and communication skills makes the difference between success and failure.
Having great presentation skills and being confident in public speaking will increase your career opportunities, as well as provide immense benefits outside your work life for your communication and public speaking skills.


On my unique 2-day workshop, you will learn all of the essential tips and tricks to overcome barriers and fears so you can present, market and brand yourself as an individual. I have been a public speaker for over 25 years as well as been trained by some of the best speakers in the industry internationally, like Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Gerry Roberts, Raymond Aaron, Larry Elisson, to name just a few.
Presenting and Communicating are extremely vital skills to master so that you can improve your individual success, business success, time management, stress levels, leadership skills and your public reputation/image.