An Attention Getter for Presentation: 3 Fast and Easy Tips for Public Speaking

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How. Need an attention getter for presentation or public speaking?

It is important in your public speaking to quickly capture the minds of your audience. Here are three attention-getting ideas:

1. Ask a question and let the audience members answer each other.
It is good to begin a speech with a question that the audience will actually answer. Ask them to share their thoughts with a person sitting next to them.

2. Sing.
If you can carry a tune, sing a brief piece of a common song, hymn or jingle that connects directly with your subject. Use this short tune repeatedly as a transition between points in your presentation.

3. Tell a story.
Skip the old jokes (they really aren’t good at getting the audience’s attention) and tell a story. Think through your own life experiences and find anecdotes that you can use to create that story. Remember- be focused and concise in your sotrytelling to avoid rambling.

You can help the audience pay attention. You can do it without public speaking anxiety. Let us help. For three more attention-getters for presentations and ideas from Sean Buvala visit our public-speaking workshop page at: Thanks for watching.

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