Angelique Weiley – Public Speaking 101!

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

There comes a time in our lives where we may have to do public speaking. I have done it in front of 10 people, 50 people, 100 people, and even 500 people. I always get nervous even doing these videos for you!
But we have to overcome these fears. Remember, you are the subject matter expert and no matter what, you know more than the people listening to you about the subject. That is why they are there to listen to you, to learn.
First, plan ahead. Use note cards at first to organize your thoughts, but NEVER read from there, that is boring! Practice, practice, practice. In front of family, friends, anyone, the mirror. Then you can get rid of those cards! Know the material inside and out. Engage your audience. Ask them questions about something you just talked about to see if they are paying attention. Joke around but keep it clean! Slow down, some people when they are nervous talk too fast. That is hard for people to keep up. Don’t read from your cards!!!! Don’t be a robot and monotone! Be natural. Also, watch your body language. Be open with your gestures, not closed. No arms across your chest or hands in your pockets. Be open and inviting. Be positive in your voice, don’t be accusing, don’t have a negative tone. Do not stereotype! You never know who will be in your audience.
Do not figit! Do not sway, don’t walk fast back and forth across the stage. LOL
Know your audience, have fun, don’t be nervous!
If you get dry mouth, make sure to pause for a minute, that is okay! President Obama does it all the time. Lift up your tongue. That will create saliva in your mouth to moisten your mouth right back up. Be real – be yourself!
Now, get out there. I expect to see you on stage!!!!