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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Are you always feeling anxious? Then Grab this TOP Quality Hypnosis program!
Do you ever get an overwhelming feeling of anxiety? Are you worried about when the next panic attack will come? Or maybe you passed up a big promotion because you’re fearful of public speaking or stayed at home instead because of the fear of being in social situations?
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You have tried to ignore, avoid or distract yourself, but the anxious feelings are still there. The physical symptoms such as rapid breathing, hot flashes, light headedness, knots in stomach, heart palpitations and tight muscles just to name a few are all too familiar.
This program, developed by Mathias Fiedler, will start your journey to easily and quickly move your body and mind to feel more calm, relaxed and happy. You will create a new and healthy response to the old situations and be able to do the things you stopped doing due to high levels of stress and anxiety.

Mathias Fiedler is a public speaker and author focusing on self-esteem, motivation and personal development. Mathias has extensive experience working with affirmations, hypnosis and hypnotherapy. With over 10 years of experience in the self-help industry, there is no self-help book that Mathias has not read.
Your unconscious mind is what drives most of our decisions, yet most people are completely unaware of its potential. Through this hypnosis, you can start to make peace with your emotions. You can feel the effects right now. Just take a very slow deep breath and hold it into your belly for a moment, then let it go twice as slowly as you breathed it in. You most likely would have felt better and that only took a few seconds.
Main features:
★ Option to Wake up or Sleep at the end of the hypnosis
★ High quality state of the art recordings
★ Audio Long hypnosis version is around 23 minutes
★ Audio Long hypnosis version is around 10 minutes
★ Choose between intro on or off
★ Excellent soothing voice (not annoying or creepy), to get you into a truly relaxed state
★ Choose from different background music to help ease the mood.
★ FAQ section to answer most common questions & myths on hypnosis
★ Tips on how to get the most out of the hypnosis session
★ Easy navigation
The current music selections included are:
♥ Beach
♥ Soft
♥ Forest
Download Simply Hypnosis Get Anxiety Relief and get ready to start calming down your emotions and feeling good!
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