Archangel: Erica Lee on “Exponential Technology” January 29, 2016

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to speak at Archangel Academy, an event hosted by the incredible Giovanni Marsico. Archangel is an annual, intensive 2-day mastermind and learning event specifically designed for purpose-driven, big-hearted and giving entrepreneurs who are making a fortune while making an impact. I recently won a scholarship to the event and was thrilled to join such an incredible group of people.

At this event, we could give “126 Talks” (126-second talks on a special topic of our choice). I’ve always had the fear of public speaking ever since as a young kid, I struggled with speaking English and also was embarrassed when I lost the school spelling bee, but recently, I’ve let go lots of limiting beliefs that weren’t serving me to my highest potential.

Negative voices inside my head elevated louder and louder as I was standing in line for the stage…

***You can’t do this. You aren’t an expert in technology. How dare you talk about the future? No one wants to hear what you want to say***

These voices just boomed in my head like thunder. Palm sweating. Feet wobbly. Anxiety skyrocketing. Adrenaline pumping. Vision blurring….

Yet, among all the chaos…. I stayed grounded.

In fact, I ran up on that stage and gave it my all.

Did I speak way too fast and forget to breathe? YES.
Did I forget my “nerdy” intro with R2D2 bleep bloop sounds? OOPS.
Did I try to prove I was smart with big words? HELL YES.
Did I freaking quote Jason Silva? YEAH AND HE’S TOTALLY RAD
Did I read some phrases off my phone and prevent myself from going into “flow” since I feared forgetting to say something? TOTALLY.
Did I give it my all and had an awesome time talking on stage? Hell YEAH.

When I opened up my heart to new opportunities and let go of my fear (well it was still there, but regardless I took action IN MIDST of fear), I discovered a part of myself I knew was always inside… but was scared to face.

Extrovert, Public Speaking Erica! AKA REVERSE INTJ 🙂

Turns out…

I love talking on stage.
I love love being around people who are like minded.
I love love love exponential technology.
And I (love love love)^2 being an entrepreneur & inspiring others.

Check out my 126 talk and let me know what you think!

Erica Lee

Archangel Event in Long Beach, CA on January 28-29, 2016