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Touch the other person and to feel a touch-basic instinctive needs. Need to touch first appears in the embryo and infants require close physical contact with the mother and father and enjoy it. Tender loving touch is essential for the normal development of a healthy person. This need for touch does not disappear as they grow older, and yet, as we get older, many of us have a fear: we are afraid to reach out and touch someone. Now in fear of an instinctive need for love, we lose touch with themselves and fail to understand the language of our bodies. One of the main benefits of therapeutic massage is to restore contact with yourself and others safe, gentle and unobtrusive.
The benefits of touch ASMR
The therapeutic use of various types of massage are so obvious that they are increasingly used in traditional medical practice, where it is necessary to relieve pain, reduce discomfort and improve the work of all systems of the body. Given the pressures of modern life and the emergence of the disease associated with stress, massage takes an increasingly important place in daily life. The pain in his back and shoulders after a day of work at the computer; aching leg muscles after heavy physical exertion; circulatory problems from a sedentary lifestyle are all components of the “adult life”. The massage techniques and how to apply them in practice, we will be able to take better care of themselves. Take some time to restore the flow of healing energy, enjoy a relaxing foot massage and you will forget about the hardships of everyday life, restore contact with themselves and once again feel comfortable in your own body.
Touch therapy
Acting simultaneously on the physical and emotional levels, massage brings relaxation and returns void. While a variety of massage techniques relieve stress and pain in overworked muscles, improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins, gentle touch hand to the body relieves mental stress and restores emotional balance. As soon as the voltage goes away, there is a link between the body and hidden emotions and breaks the chain of disease are prone to stress and fragmentation of the body and mind.
Hands, bearing relief
Reach out, touch to comfort and soothe, natural reaction, so it is no surprise that many believe the hand centorm where the healing energy.

During the massage is updated congenital sources of vital energy. This is especially important in today’s world, where stress is the root cause of many serious physical and mental afflictions. Stress is a natural part of life, and in small doses can be even useful, but if exposed to it for a long time, people deprived of health and energy. Stress can also reduce the natural level of immune protection and does not allow it to deal with the disease. Due to constant exposure to stress can be anxiety, depression, apathy, insomnia and panic attacks. Already nobody doubts the beneficial effects of massage therapy to combat these unpleasant symptoms of stress.

Emotional health

Massage creates a safe and neutral situation, to feel the touch of loving hands and stimulate the nerve endings in the skin, which is so necessary for emotional balance. Touch is very important for the development of a healthy person. It is known that lack of affection in early childhood inhibits emotional and physical development of the child. Because touch is so closely associated with emotions, it can also awaken a sense of vulnerability, so a massage person should feel secure, and the massage should be done gently and carefully. Tender touch hand not only relieve physical tension in the muscles, but also heal. Massage at the same time comes into contact with the body and the person engaged in it. The massage is always active, but the touch of hands is the peace and tranquillity while maintaining emotional contact between giving and receiving. Given all this, it is safe to say. that massage is a highly useful therapy, because it helps the patient feel secure and completely relax, maximum lifting power at all levels.

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