Attract Good Men, Success, Anti-Aging, Beautiful Voice, Luck in Friendship & Love + More

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Play at 240p to avoid the reduction of frequencies. This was an order of a client who allowed me to publish it on YT.

Anti-aging (face, skin, body) – No specific age mentioned. You can listen to this even if you’re still very young.
Great social skills
Stop caring what other people think
Stop people-pleasing
No social anxiety
Master self-love
Attract many, good, kind, sincere, true friends
Luck in friendship
Harmonious relationship with people in general
Reverse the curse of repulsing people (You can use this even if you didn’t receive any curse)
Remove anxiety
Happiness, no depression
Nurture yourself
People treat you kindly and with respect
Have a good life
Luck in everything including money
Raise your vibration
Luck in love life
Attract good men
Affirmations about you deserving a good man
Have a happy and harmonious relationship w/ your partner or future partner
Get out of the habit of always attracting abusive men
Reverse the curse of being unlucky in love
Healthy diet/ get rid of any eating disorders
Chakra balancing and clearing
Spiritual cleansing from curses
Have an American accent
Speak like an American
Rejuvenation, healing of female reproductive organs
Healing of vocal cords
Beautiful singing voice

It will work regardless of your native language and even if you don’t speak English well.

No need to look at the screen.

Results are permanent.

To loop it: right click on the video and select “loop” from the options.

Recommendation: Focus on one video only at a specific period of time and then just move on to the next topic of interest (another video) once you’ve got results from this.

This could be the safest way to change something on your body or mind by just the means of your subconscious mind. A very natural way.

You don’t have to believe it for it to work.
Not all people get results in just a few days.

Headphones: Optional
Results: always varies, but usually 2 weeks to 6 months
You can listen to this anytime, except while driving or operating machinery
Meditation can help but its optional – if you want to order customized ones (where you want your desired topics combined all together) or just high quality audios for very reasonable prices.