Audio Excerpt 11-Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.
The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program – No more public speaking stress, anxiety and fear!

The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program will help you become a more confident, passionate, enthusiastic and persuasive public speaker.

The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program is specifically designed to help corporate and business professionals develop peace of mind with public speaking so they can present any information to any audience with confidence, poise and enthusiasm.

The Program’s goal to help change the way you see public speaking by acknowledging and defusing the destructive fear, anxiety and stress triggers that keep you in a fear-based mindset.

The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program provides practical and proven tools to help develop a positive and empowering approach that strengthens your inherent skills and confidence and enables the real you — your genuine and authentic self — to naturally shine.

• Learn it today and use it tomorrow format with practical, real world proven insights and strategies to help you become a more effective public speaker.

• Seven MP3 audio modules with a total run time of 3 hours.

• Upload the Program to your smart phone, tablet or laptop and listen and learn while driving or commuting to work.

• 30 page accompanying workbook with module summaries and peace of mind development exercises to help you apply this information and develop your peace of mind action plan.

The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program Outline
• Module 1 – Overview of the Peace of Mind Public Program – 17:30 run time
• Module 2 – The 4 Secrets to creating peace of mind — 18:08 run time
• Module 3 – Defusing fear-based thinking — 23:13 run time
• Module 4 — Confidence — 35:56 run time
• Module 5 — Engagement — 24:47 run time
• Module 6 — The Thumbs Up System — Preparation — 29:56 run time
• Module 7 — The Thumbs Up System — Execution — 30:54 run time

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