Christos Reid: Obsessive-Compulsive Design: Turning OCD into a Videogame A MAZE. / Berlin 2015

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Content warning: contains detailed discussion of mental health issues, specifically OCD and anxiety in general.

Christos Reid, also known as failnaut, explores the development process of OCDEMONS – his autobiographical game about obsessive-compulsive disorder and cognitive behavioural therapy. Join him as he explains the challenges of turning a life and mental health issue into an interactive experience that teaches people about OCD.

Christos Reid, also known as “failnaut”, is a creative wearing many hats – production, marketing, development, music, events and teaching, in addition to a lot of public speaking. Follow him @failnaut on Twitter.

A Maze.
A Maze. / Berlin


Video recording by SAE
Video editing by Iwan Gabovitch

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