Develop Confidence,Courage,Self esteem,Social anxiety cure etc – All in one Subliminal affirmations

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subliminal affirmations used;

I believe in myself completely
i am a positive thinker
i am focused on being the best i cam at all times
my life is starting to improve
i am strong and full of courage
fearlessness is developing within me
others notice my fearlessness
i find it easier to maintain a positive attitude
i am courageous when others are scared
socializing and meeting new people makes me happy
i am relaxed in social situations
i am becoming more calmer in social situations
i enjoy social situations
i am incredibly brave
i am unlimited courage
others love my outgoing personality
i overcome my shyness
I am highly charismatic
l love being the center if attraction
i am naturally charismatic
i speak with a variety of emotions
i have magnetic personality
i am full of optimism
people admire my positive outlook
positive thinking is transforming my life
my smile is magnetic and contagious
i think positively in difficult or stressful situations
my thoughts are filled with good and positive thoughts
i have an unstoppable willpower
i have supernatural charm and charisma
i speak with a variety of emotions and facial expressions
caring about what others think is something i am free from
my mindset is that of a positive and happy person
i confidently meet any challenge
i make decisions without without worrying about what others may think
i am becoming more confident by the day
i think only positive thoughts
When i see something i want i just go for it without hesitation
confidence enpowers me to take action and live life to the fullest
my confidence commands respect and attention
i have an unbreakable confidence within myself
i am starting to confidently assert my thoughts and opinions
everyday i become more confident,powerful and assertive
i have a deep level of in built confidence
I can assert myself in any situation
My common sense is improving every day
I have gained a lot of common sense
I think about every situation in a logical manner
I think things through fully at all times
I can make an informed decision
I enjoy being a logical person
i am transforming into a strong and fearless person
i am becoming more daring and adventurous
i smash through fear and rise to the occasion
i speak up for myself
i am naturally courageous and bold
i define success my way
i am respected in my peer group
i am starting to confidently assert my thoughts and opinions
i have an unbreakable self confidence
I always succeed
i am confident
i am ready for anything
i achieve massive success
others see me as highly capable person
i believe i can achieve anything i want
i believe in myself completely
i have a high self esteem
i am always incredible at everything i do
i am super cool
others like and respect me
i am self confident and assertive
i release all fear,doubt,stress and anxiety
i enjoy speaking in public
public speaking is natural
i feel relaxed in front of the public
i always remain cool and calm
i am quick witted and hilarious
i am always find humour in everything
i make up humorous jokes on the spot
my humour is incredibly creative
i easily make people laugh
i naturally start conversations
i can achieve anything
talking to people comes naturally to me
i always have something to say
i express myself with ease
i speak with clarity
my words flow naturally and effortlessly
i just know what to say in every situation
I am confident at all times
I stay calm under pressure
I am calm when people are watching me
I am totally self confident
I have a strong self belief
I always see the funny side of my actions
I always take action as soon as it is required
I always start tasks and projects early
I always finish my tasks before the deadline
I get things done
I am hugely productive
I finish anything I get involved with
I always follow through on my plans


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