Do You Experience Anxiety or Excitement When Public Speaking?

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In public speaking, is it normal to be feeling anxious and excited? Or one or the other?
According to website Women’s Agenda, those afraid of public speaking should explore the possibility that the anxiety they feel could in fact be excitement. In this video, we explain how individuals can often assume they are feeling afraid, when in actual fact they are excited.

It has been suggested that it is easy for individuals to mistake the feeling of excitement for fear. The feeling of ‘butterflies’ could be beneficial when presenting as it is an indication of adrenaline which can be incredibly powerful in some instances.

Suggestions are made that butterflies or adrenaline only get in the way when a person believes they are afraid. Instead, individuals should learn to use the adrenaline and excitement that they feel to their advantage.

We asked Andy Harrington, a public speaking expert, for his thoughts on this topic. His comments are included within the video itself.

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