Documentary: Long Hair Don’t Care (From Social Anxiety to Social Stuntman)

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This is a documentary, filmed a year ago, about my story of breaking out of the social prison that I lived in. We’re also looking into some of the pranking. I think everyone who struggle with social anxiety and shyness should watch this video.
Erik is a great guy, full of energy, positivity and craziness. I didn’t know him until I heard about a guy who wanted to make a documentary about me. He did a great job, and at this moment, this is the most meaningful video to me on my channel. I hope you’re enjoying it.

See Erik crossing Europe using cans as currency:

Youtubers featured in this doc:
Matteo of DmPranks:
Luke of GoldJacketLuke:

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Let’s Make a Movie!
For the past year I’ve been working on the side, with a story that I desire to turn into a movie. Don’t know whether it’ll be a full feature or a half hour short. Whether it’ll feature in theaters all over the world, on streaming services or just on Youtube Red or just on my channel for free. Right now I just want to make a story as nuts as possible, but also make it filmworthy and watchworthy. Pranks/doc-style (as in Borat, Bruno, Bad Grandpa) and a bit outrageous, almost to the superlevel of Kung Fury. The goal with the story is that it’s nuts, inspirational and not too difficult/expensive to film it well.
Just broadcasting my vision. I’ll make it no matter what, whether I raise 50,000 dollars or get 20,000,000 from a studio.
If you wanna be in on the story-making, or the producing of it, I’m excited to work with you guys on it! Write an email to me about your background/passion for creative/writing/film and how you would want to help:

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