EFT for Public Speaking Confidence – I Suck at Public Speaking – EFT with Cynthia Ungson

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is also called Tapping.

These EFT videos help people process and release negative emotions. And they do so very effectively and in a very simple way.

In order to do EFT, please follow along with the tapping and repeat the words I say in the video during the tapping sequence. You cannot just watch the video and get benefits. You need to tap along and say the words, too.

It is important to note that while these EFT videos try to go as specific as possible with any given topic, everyone is unique. You may have very specific issues, memories, and emotions regarding the issues you are dealing with.


This particular EFT video is about public speaking. Particularly, the phrase “I suck at public speaking”

If you tap along with this video and repeat the words I say, your confidence about speaking in public will increase. You will no longer believe so strongly that you are not good at public speaking.

I hope this video alone can clear away all the negativity you may have regarding speaking in public.

If other emotions came up during this tapping, please tap on those emotions to clear up more. Everyone is different and everyone has different experiences and beliefs.

Also, if memories came up during this tapping video, those memories may have to be addressed, as well. Let’s say you had a bad memory of you speaking in public and since then, you believed that you weren’t good at it. That memory should be explored a bit with tapping to clear this out.

Listen to your intuition about what you have to look at, in addition to using the above video.

I wish for the deepest healing for you!


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I specialize in helping people lose weight and in emotional healing. I am a Holistic Health Coach, an EFT Practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Master.

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I am confident in the benefits of EFT and in the videos I provide. But I cannot make any claim that tapping along with these videos will completely relieve anyone off all their problems.

EFT has been shown to be very effective in treating physical issues and psychological issues, but everyone is different and may not respond to EFT the same way. Everyone is different and these videos cannot go into all the subtle nuances and the depths needed to completely clear any given person of whatever issue they are addressing.

I can only do so much in these short videos and obviously personalized attention cannot be obtained in these impersonal videos. But, I hope these videos can provide relief and deep healing to those who decide to tap along.

For personalized support, please seek an EFT Practitioner you like. Or if you’d like to work with me, you can contact me for private sessions.

It is important to note that EFT is still experimental and considered an alternative type of therapy. Although I have not known anyone to suffer from negative side effects from EFT or these videos, everyone responds to it differently.

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