Emotion Series – Anxiety – Tips to deal with it

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# Anxiety – Tips to deal with it :
1. Anxiety is worry on steroids. It’s panic – worry that is so fast that you have no time to process it mentally and it flips your body over to the sympathetic nervous system i.e., the fight or flight response. Vibration of anxiety is restless, uncertain, fast, quick, out of control.
2. So you don’t get the time to work with this emotion. It is an emotion that takes control of you – before you can take control of it.
3. For me, anxiety feels like a hot flash. It runs through my body and lands in my face – on my cheeks. Makes them completely red and hot. But for some people – they can sweat, stammer, be completely dumbfounded, not be able to speak. So it can manifest in different ways.
4. After that happens, I am basically unable to concentrate and the only feeling I get is to leave the situation or in some cases to fight it out.
5. There are various scenarios when this can happen to a person – when feel put on the spot, public speaking, near a past bully, near dominating people because they might remind you of the bully, even near people who have a particular kind of energy.
6. Anxiety is an emotion which comes with something that has been unresolved for a long, long time. It might be with a memory of being bullied, a memory of being hit, basically with a dark memory where ‘your being’ – a part of your existence was threatened – it could be ‘your body’, ‘your idea’, ‘your thoughts’ – which you at the time recognized as being ‘you’.
7. It is a feeling of being out of control – feeling that things are not in your control – and that you might be attacked any second now. This control can take many forms – control of your image, of your safety, your finances, etc. So deep down this feeling of anxiety stems from a feeling of threat, of unsafety.
8. According to the chakras, this points us to the base chakra – which is the Muladhara chakra (Root Chakra). Please see my video on How to heal Muladhara Chakra -https://youtu.be/U2AOzmQex2Q
9. To completely heal this – a lot of inner work is required, which happens as time passes. I would say at every anxiety attack you get though – notice what you are feeling. And then work with those feelings. Inner work involves figuring things out – asking questions like ‘why did I feel this way?’, ‘when was the last time I felt this way’, ‘when was the first time that I felt this way’?
10. Once you get the answers to these questions – we can work on them with visualization. Meditate and visualize – going back to that place in time and caring and cajoling your younger self. No one was there for you in the past, but now you are here – go back in the past and help your younger self and notice how the past changes 🙂 and with it your present will change too 🙂