Emotional Resilience & Emotional Intelligence: Have less anxiety & anger & more joy, by Rachel Green

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Stress, anxiety and anger undermine emotional resilience and health. Joy, gratitude and happiness help build emotional resilience. But how? How can you have emotional resilience when you are under pressure, how can you calm down when upset, how can you create joy, gratitude and other positive emotions each day?

Emotional intelligence coach, Rachel Green, explains in this opening chapter from her two DVD program “How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions”. She explains emotionally intelligent ways to calm down, techniques for anger management, how to overcome anxiety, and how to build emotional resilience and emotional intelligence.

She talks to Michael Done, a faculty member on The Emotional Intelligence Institute, of which Rachel is the Director, and explains the three pillars of emotional resilience.

And what is the role of positive psychology in becoming more emotionally resilient? Rachel and Michael answer that question too and explain how to develop your emotional intelligence more. Boost your mental health, double happiness and get rid of stress now!

Go here for the full DVD program: “How to develop emotional resilience and manage your emotions”: http://www.theeiinstitute.com/ei-institute-store/emotional-resilience-managing-your-emotions-dvds.html

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