Erectile Dysfunction from a Psychological Perspective

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Welcome back to our channel in this video we are discussing about erectile dysfunction from a psychological perspective. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in which a person is unable to maintain the erection in his penis during the sexual intercourse in medical terms erectile dysfunction is happens due to less blood flow in the penis. But erectile dysfunction is also a psychological problem, this will affect the psychology of a men and also his partner. When a person start thinking too much on their penis erection than they may get the disease. And if you are suffering from this disease and your partner don’t knows that then she is also not able to perform well in the bed. Because she thinks you lost interest in her that is why you are not doing well with her. If you don’t have any physical weakness, your penis is getting complete blood and your arteries are also in good condition so the only way to cure your erectile dysfunction is counselling. Go to your physician and ask him your problems these counseling are the only way to cure erectile dysfunction. To know more about erectile dysfunction just click on the above link.


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