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Let’s make one thing clear from the start – overcoming your shyness is no easy task for any shy person; the shier you are, the more work you’ll have to put into solving this problem. There is no instant or immediate solution to overcome shyness. Getting rid of a long-term problem such as social anxiety takes time and effort.

What is the fastest way to overcome shyness?

The most common issue with people having social problems is that they’re always looking for an instant solution, such as taking a pill or doing something once, and then laying back relaxed to watch their problem solve by itself. They believe they need some type of exercise or technique they will begin using, and then start getting positive results. After that, they’ve solved the problem and can simply get back to their old, mostly virtual and boring life.

Problems like shyness come from deep within our personality, and usually derive from other issues we might have, such as family problems (that we’re having now, or that we had when we were little), being surrounded by negative, criticizing people, and many others. If you want to permanently overcome shyness, you’ll have to change the base – your personality.

You’ll have to change how you think and how you act. Being sociable and overcoming your long-term shyness can be very well compared to training a muscle. You have to exercise daily in order to get it fit and keep it that way. Train a muscle daily, and you’ll have no problem using its’ strength when needed – don’t use it at all for a long time, and it will atrophy completely. In the same way, if you want to permanently overcome shyness and start feeling 100% comfortable talking to other people in any possible social environment, you’ll have to learn how to train your shyness muscle, and you’ll have to practice daily for as long as you want to keep it fit.

Learn how to achieve this, and it will make a great difference in your life. Stop training your shyness muscle for awhile, and you’ll immediately notice that you’ll start feeling shy again. If you want to overcome shyness on the long-term, you’ll have to change the way you think about the solution to your shyness.

I’m not going to lie about it. Overcoming your shyness is no easy task, but the results are worth ten times the effort!

Besides the changes we have to make to have a healthier, shyness-free social life, there are also ways to temporarily get a boost of confidence and quickly get over those heart-racing moments when you can feel anxiety getting over. These are the techniques to quickly overcome shyness, and it’s important that you test them and find out which works best for you.

One thing you can do in almost any environment when you start feeling shy is immediately open a conversation with someone near you. It is important that you don’t hesitate, and don’t begin telling yourself all the possible excuses in the world not to talk to someone. Just ask the person nearest to you how he or she is feeling today, and go from there. If you hesitate and start making up scripts of what could happen in your own mind, you’ll ultimately do nothing but sink deeper into your shyness – so just go for it!

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