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Gerald Paul (aka “G”) is a Motivational Speaker and Success Life Coach with over 25 years of experience speaking 120+ times a years, with a focus on leadership and life transformation.

He has extensive experience in all speaking settings including keynote talks, breakout sessions, and seminar training. He has led several organizations—participating in an international study focused on leading transitional organizations through change—worked with hundreds of teams, and coached countless individuals.

Gerald Paul (aka “G”) is the creator and developer of a system of strategies for success and happiness called “Human Optimization™”. These strategies are designed to help individuals and organizations to maximize the potential of their greatest assets—people. The focus is on the simultaneous development of skills and strengths, with the enhancement of peace or well-being. This dual focus will enable you to lay the groundwork for personal and organizational success.

G is available to help your people, teams, businesses, organizations, and associations to achieve their greatest potential by leveraging people. Strategic business and organization development is a necessity for success. But strategic people development is even more crucial. Healthy, motivated, and intelligent people are always your most valuable asset in the quest for success.

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➜ Popular Speaking Topics:

✔ Building A Better You: The Art and Science of Self Improvement
This talk will help you maximize your potential, productivity, and performance in preparation for success. Make “them” better and they will make “you” better with increased effort, effectiveness, and loyalty.

✔ The ‘I’ in Team: Igniting ‘I’ndividuals for Success
Strategies for team success. Effectiveness Teams = Effective Organizations. Successful organizations have an “Ignition Strategy” that will ensure ongoing team health and development.

✔ Dreams to Destiny: From Dreamer to Achiever
Move beyond the idea success to the achievement of success. You are the architect of your preferred future. But how will you get there? Your dreams are the doorway to your success. This talk will help you take the steps to necessary to turn your dreams into your destiny.

✔ From Peace to Success: Harnessing the Power Within
Depression is the #1 reason for absenteeism, and a contributor to personal failure. This talk provides strategies for achieving inner peace and well-being despite difficult circumstances. Successful people have developed the inner fortitude to overcome overwhelming stress. Healthy people will result in a health organization.

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