Handling Anxiety at Work

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How do I handle anxiety in the workplace? http://careeroptimist.org/CareerOptimist/anxiety-in-the-workplace/

Nancy Daley, a psychologist & professor at the University of Texas at Austin

Tip 1: The workplace isn’t about feelings
Tip 2: Everybody eventually gets anxious in the workplace
Tip 3: Deadlines, mistakes, supervisors & changes provoke anxiety
Tip 4: Work on anxiety outside the workplace, including exercise/yoga
Tip 5: Don’t forget to breath!
Tip 6: Accept physical sensations & continue working
Tip 7: Write down everything causing anxiety
Tip 8: Evaluate each thing causing anxiety
Tip 9: Put action plan in place to overcome anxiety
Tip 10: Compartmentalizing is a big workplace skill
Tip 11: Resilience is a big workplace skill

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