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If you’re afraid to approach women in public (approach anxiety), one reason for that is the fear of being seen. In this video, Brian makes some suggestions for building up confidence to approach women in public. … SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE:

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TheMrGazoline asked Brian:

For some reason when I have decided to approach a girl usually I can’t do it and I have missed so many opportunities, because the environment is too busy or the time for talking would be limited and there are too many people around, who could see me and her as I’m afraid of other people and what they think about me when I talk to her. I feel like I wouldn’t be as afraid of talking to women if I were in an isolated room with just me and her. Are there any ways to improve myself or is this just something normal I have to deal with? I’m not sure if you have a video about this thing already.

If this question resonates with you, you need to practice “being seen” and desensitize yourself to it.

Go through and implement the practices in this playlist, and check out the social freedom and confidence exercises in the resources section below.
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