How To Approach Women: Is Your Approach Anxiety Actually Approach Excitement?

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When it comes to approaching women the term approach anxiety comes up over and over again. And it feels real and makes many of us freeze up and not do what we want to do: talk to that beautiful girl we’re interested in. We just freeze up, think we’ve forgotten how to speak, get worried about how we look, how others see us and stop ourselves in our tracks.

So is there a way to overcome this problem or are we just doomed to be like this for the rest of our lives?

Sure we can fix it. I did it in my own life and helped a lot of guys who were “too shy to date” to do the same.

What we’re talking about in this video is one of the shortcuts that COULD help a lot of guys before they even have to do any series techniques. Because a simple reframe like this can change everything.

Words matter. And what you call it changes the meaning of the situation.

So use this idea next time you get nervous about approaching women, or approaching a group of girls, or starting a conversation with a truly beautiful girl who seems out of your league.

Just make sure you’re adding something to her life in a positive way and enjoy that EXCITEMENT you’re feeling inside.

This may not solve it completely for you but it may for many of us.

Anyway…It’s super simple, you’ve just got to practise it in your day to day life as usual and you’ll see what a difference it makes.

So, this is a great start…and if you want to do more to feel super confident approaching girls and say goodbye to “approach anxiety” forever then download yourself a copy of my book:

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