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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

You will learn how to be calm and confident no matter what is going on around you. We will show you how to stop fear, nervousness, and anxiety within seconds.

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Imagine what you could do if you could handle any fear or nerves that you encounter. Being Confident is all about acting inspire of fear, doubt, and hesitation. In this video, Actor Josh Pais describes his method for staying calm and present no matter how intense the situation. Josh has a company called Committed Impulse which gives high performance training to actors, entrepreneurs, and artists. To learn more about this topic go check out his website here:

This video is about the true meaning of confidence. Many people spend lots of time learning self confidence and techniques but this is the real key. What matters is how you react in the moment and this video shows you what to do if you feel a rush of nerves or panic. This will help you if you want to approach women without fear, overcome social anxiety, and overcome the fear of public speaking.

When most people feel nervous or anxious they try to stop those feelings but that usually makes it worse. The key is to embrace those feelings and then they will dissipate. Josh talks about increasing your tolerance for intense feelings. If you can handle intense emotions of fear, panic, or anxiety, then you will be invincible. If you want to be confident watch this video and check out Josh’s Website.

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Fear is a natural response we all encounter. It is something we feel to protect us so we can survive. Sometimes these feelings are so intense that we become paralyzed and cannot perform. Have you ever been nervous to the point where your palms were sweaty and your heart was beating like snare drum. Well next time you experience those feelings just hang with them. Don’t try to stop them or worry about them. Hang with them and their intensity. When you do this that is when your true confidence shines through. This will also help people who get panic and anxiety attacks and nervous breakdowns.

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