How To Be Confident – Turn Self Consciousness Into Self Awareness – with Stephan Erdman

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Self consciousness can be difficult to overcome. And most of us get self conscious when we get into situations that make us uncomfortable. When we meet people that intimidate us. When we feel vulnerable in some way. When we enter a new social environment.

In the video I mention a few different ways to overcome self consciousness when it happens. What I failed to mention was that several of my best known techniques help you with self consciousness as well as a side effect…for example the “shy stop switch” technique which you can get here: You’ll find more useful tools when you sign up there to my newsletter.

But as I said in the video…if you can simply get yourself to focus on your senses by asking yourself: What am I seeing? What am I hearing right now? you’ll quickly start to lose self consciousness and will focus outside of yourself.

As I said in the video…the underlying reason for feeling self conscious is not feeling confident and at ease with yourself because otherwise you’d be self aware rather than self conscious.
So do what you can to get what I call “Inner rapport” by improving your relationship with yourself.

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