How to Be Cool Around Your Crush

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Does this ever happen to you?

How to Be Cool Around Your Crush

When you’re talking to someone who’s just a friend you’re the coolest, funniest, sexiest, wittiest person on that planet!

But when it comes to someone you really like, all of the sudden that “Suave McGee” disappears and is replaced by this super awkward, shy and uncomfortable person who has trouble formulating sentences because they don’t want to say the wrong thing?

This used to happen to me ALL the time! And my friend and I were talking about this the other day and trying to figure out why that is.

I remember so many times when I was hanging out with a girl that I was into or at least thought was really cute I would be so in my head and worried about what to say that the conversation would consistent of a lot of awkward silences or jokes that fell flatter than a pancake (if that joke isn’t proof I don’t know what is 😉 ) LOL

How to Be Cool Around Your Crush

And for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why or how to change it.

Finally, after recently hanging out with a girl that I was crushing on I figured out the secret to being as cool and casual as possible when talking to your crush so you can genuinely connect with them instead of being awkward.

What’s awesome is it’s actually pretty simple once you know what to do which is why I’m excited to share it with you in today’s episode, watch it below:

Hope you enjoyed the video! If you know someone else you would find it helpful, feel free to share it with them!

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How to Be Cool Around Your Crush