How to Build Your Platform with Great Presentations and Promote a Book

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Glossophobia, or speech anxiety, is the fear of public speaking. If you have intense anxiety prior to or even thinking of having to speak in front of a group, if you tend to avoid events that focus on your attention, and experience pain in such circumstances, you have glossophobia.

This is a phobia that many people have, which is a very terrible thing since the most powerful tool in platform building is to present. You need to speak in front of a group, to highlight your work and draw attention to your expertise and establish visibility to yourself. It is, in fact, a fear that needs to be treated.

But don’t fret, because you can eliminate most of that fear up front with good planning, focused energy and plenty of practice. In other words, if you need to present, you need to choose your presentation wisely, prepare your presentation, and be ready in marketing your presentation.

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