How To Deal With People Who Don’t Understand Your Anxiety. (Periscope Session)

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

How to deal with people who don’t understand your anxiety. John addresses this important topic during a Periscope session.

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John Cordray is a National Certified Therapist and The Calm Expert and he has been helping people learn to keep calm since 2005. Stop making excuses for feeling bad, stop blaming others for your behavior, and start taking action on your life right now!

John is one of the few therapists who leverages social media and live-streaming platforms to reach a vast audience needing to hear his message. John also uses his expertise in psychology and human behavior as a business consultant and motivational speaker to encourage and inspire people from all walks of life take ownership of their mindset. A good example of leveraging the power of social media and bridging it with psychology, John spoke (twice) at The Periscope Summit in 2016 on overcoming the mindset of public speaking/broadcasting and cyber bullying.

“Your mind is your most valuable asset, use it wisely.”
– John Cordray

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