How To Get A Girlfriend – The Secret To Attracting The Kind Of Girl You Really Like!

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If you want to get a truly special girlfriend who loves you, who truly appreciates you and who makes you feel great because she’s a cool person then you’ve got to learn to avoid the mistake most men make when it comes to women.

What’s the problem? The problem is that we’re lazy and we live our every day lives at our average level. We’re not that focussed on making a special impact, on doing our best, on making people around us feel good, because they often don’t seem that important to us. So we don’t bother to try to be our best around them.

That way we condition ourselves to be mediocre and that becomes our comfort zone. When we meet the cool girl that we think is perfect for us all of a sudden we want to be our best self. Look better, walk taller, be nicer, be cooler, have an impact etc. But because we’re not used to it, it feels like we’re faking it. And we know it. And the worst part? The girl probably knows it too. And so we get nervous, freaked out, and the girl we’re really into realises that we’re trying to be cooler than we really are on an average day. And more often than not, that’s the end of it.

So practise being your best every day of your life. So that when that cool girl comes along that you’re really attracted to you’re already in your comfort zone being your best self.

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