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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Around 3/4 of the population think they have a fear of public speaking! Crazy when you think that you are actually speaking publicly every single day. That’s right, every conversation you have whether to 1 person or 5 is you speaking publicly, and yet you never consider that as “public speaking”. And there lies the hurdle that needs to be crossed, when you speak with friends, co-workers, strangers you are calm and relaxed and focused completely on your message – that is focused not on yourself. However, when you’re called upon to give a presentation you begin to focus on yourself and this is where public speaking fear comes from – it is our concern of how we will be perceived.

Utilise this public speaking hypnosis recording to change the way you feel and look forward to presenting and doing so with ease and confidence.

Ideally listen to this recording 10 or more times and, enjoy the relaxation while you train your mind!

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