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Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

In the next few videos coming we will work on making a change in us for a better tomorrow.

Fight depression –
I suffer from depression and bipolar with that I get a good range of anxiety with mood swings and sadness.
I also will have fears and forget stuff and manic times and very down and depressed times.
But with therapy, exercise, boxing, working out, lifting weights and expressing myself in these videos it helps me a lot and I hope it can help others know there not alone.


Going to slowly talk about mental health issues like I have.
With having Bipolar Disorder. also other motivational topics.
I am still a person I love my life and I can say I love my illness because if not I wouldn’t be doing this I bet.

But took many years to say and accept it, and love it for its good things not all the bad that came with it as I was lost and didn’t know why I acted like I did.

In life in relationships and well stay tuned for next 90,000,000 days 5 days a week going to take you thru my crazy life journal lol.

From my goals and my dreams and what I will be doing to pass it forward.

If have depression or bipolar or p.t.s.d or any other mental illness, anger, anger management, this channel might be for you as I explore my life with bipolar with you.

From being manic too feeling down and depressed or full of anxiety.
I been there and suffer with those things as well as you may.

From a hard life to ups and downs in relationships.
From poor money management.
Too job loss or hard to keep a job.
Too not wanting to be happy to wanting to be happy or to please others.
From always moving from one town to next or home to home or being homeless.
Being abused sexually or verbal or physical and most of all being mentally abused from others, bulling your mental health illness

How to help us become more motivated to start doing the things we used to enjoy again.
Like working out, fitness,cross stitch,fishing,hunting, any of your old good hobbies.

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National Suicide Prevention phone Helpline to help:
1-800-273-TALK(8255) Or always ( 911) or call a friend , family, someone you can trust and feel safe to call and that will help you.
Your friend the
Crazy Beast