How To Not Give A Fuck

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“How can you stop giving a fuck?” It’s a question I get fairly often and many times, the person asking it has Tyler Durden in mind (played by Brad Pitt), the cool bad boy from Fight Club that is the not giving a fuck ideal

I think it’s because when we watch Fight Club, so many of us feel like the Narrator, played by Edward Norton. Sometimes we’re afraid to ask for what we want. Sometimes we avoid confrontation.

And then we see Tyler Durden.

Tyler can’t be controlled by ads. He can’t be threatened, because he’s not afraid of anything. Men follow his lead and Marla continues to hang around even when he treats her terribly. Tyler Durden is a shining example of someone who has everything we want without seeming to even struggle.

05:57 Care intensely about just a few things
07:30 Have a life philosophy with conviction
09:15 Distinguish the things that really matter
10:54 Care about other people to balance it

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