How to Overcome FEAR | How to Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem

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” I’m Afraid ” ! It’s time to change this. TIME TO OVERCOME. Learn how to OVERCOME YOUR FEAR of ANYTHING and GET MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED. Start learning why your fear is holding you back by looking at the flip side, by examining what amazing things you can accomplish by GETTING INSPIRED BY FEAR.

So you want to know how to overcome anxiety, or how to deal with anxiety or even how to stop anxiety! You know, Fear can damage one’s self esteem! It has always been a great enemy of success. More of us are held back by fears more than any other factor.

I want to tell you about the emotion that overrides our intelligence, stops us from moving towards our goals worsening our quality of life, damaging our self-confidence. You know what I’m talking about!

Fears such as the fear of failure, rejection, afraid of making mistakes, public speaking, asking someone out on a date, expressing your opinion or asking for what you want, these are all things that we have all gone through… We’re not the first and we won’t the last. But the thing is,

The major fear that stands as the greatest obstacle to success is fear of failure. The problem is not actually failure, which can make us stronger and more determined, but the fear itself that paralyzes us from action.

So how does this tie in with self-confidence. Well, start thinking about every successful person that you’ve ever known or interacted with. You might They’re doing pretty well and are confident right?

But talk to them when they played their first big match or talk to that guy who made eye contact with a girl he liked and worked up the courage to talk to her.

It would have been really easy to say, “I’m too afraid”, “I’m scared”. And you can imagine, at the time, they would have turned yellow on the inside. Of course, they were shit scared. But it didn’t hold them back. But what did they do?

They got inspired by fear, they saw the reward on the other side, and they put themselves through the fear to experience the joy of success. Now that guy is probably a micheal jordan or a hugh hefner. And yes!

it was probably only 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration that gets someone to where they want to be in life.

My point being,

Start looking at fear as an opportunity, as the building block of your self-confidence. If you could accomplish something and you weren’t at least a little scared before attempting it. It probably isn’t that challenging. But I’ll tell you what, it’s better for it to not challenge you anymore, once you have confronted your fear a hundred times. That’s what really creates self-confidence.

Being able to overcome what you thought could not be conquered. Defeating your inner fear might seem impossible at first, but it just takes a little initiate to achieve something. The moral of the story!

Start understanding what is actually holding you back and start educating yourself on how you can overcome these problems and take a chance. That one step forward you take today by putting yourself out there will take you miles ahead in life.

Because in the end you need fear, you need to get inspired by it, because it can help build your self-confidence. So the next time you hear yourself say, “I’m afraid”, just welcome it!

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