how to overcome shyness and anxiety – shyness and social anxiety workbook

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how to overcome shyness and anxiety – shyness and social anxiety workbook
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Social anxiety is defined as a fear, worry, emotional discomfort, or apprehension about social affairs or situations.
The symptoms often occur in the early part of childhood and usually aren’t noticed until one reaches their teenage years. The exact science to social anxiety symptoms is still a mystery as well as what it relates to. Public speaking, shyness, being timid, stage fright, are all types of things that can trigger panic in social situations.

Many researchers and scientist have tried different techniques to treat social anxiety and its symptoms but soon found out though they did help slow down the person from having anxiety they did not however cure the symptoms. Anxiety is a good thing if it is not out of control. It keeps the mind in check to various situations, but if the anxiety gets out of control then medical attention should be consulted immediately.

Most of the time anxiety doesn’t take too long to slow down it just depends on the level of degree the person has been suffering. If a person continues to have social anxiety symptoms and never gets treated the conditions could be extreme. In really severe cases professional expertise from a psychologist and a specialist may need to be done.

Some common ways to treat social anxiety symptoms are:

1) Avoid stress. If you are in a heated discussion with someone state your point and turn and walk away. Don’t wait for them to come back with an argument.
2) Take deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, allow the body to relax.
3) Drink a ton of water. Water gets rid of all the junk inside your body.
4) Try meditating. Meditation calms the nerves and helps you to relax.
5) Let go. Let go of your day, kick off your shoes and relax. Listen to some music, turn off the cell phone, and take a bubble bath. Whatever it is you do to relax, relax.

These are just a few of the different practices you can do to help with the symptoms. Social anxiety can and will be defeated if you will just take the time to do it. To break the anxiety & panic from reoccurring you may need to begin to be more social. Just do it in increments so you don’t overwhelm yourself too drastically. Start these techniques today and get control of your social anxiety symptoms.

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