How to Overcome SHYNESS – and Be Extrovert – Bangla Motivational Video

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How to Overcome SHYNESS –and Be Extrovert – Bangla Motivational Video
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Almost all of us feel shy in some situations like during giving a presentation, entering a classroom, during teaching, or some other places. Although we have all the abilities in ourselves we don’t feel comfortable during the work time. So here are few solutions by which you can get rid of shyness, fear and social anxiety. Best of luck.
I have taken the topics from the 2 books-
Extrovert Yourself: How To Become Extrovert, Confident and Overcome Shyness (Extrovert, Introvert, Ambivert, Become Extrovert) by Jack Daniels and
Social Anxiety: How to Overcome Shyness, Be More Confident and Live Your Life to the Fullest (Self Confidence Secrets, Social Phobia Relief, Social Anxiety Treatment) by Sara Elliott
Topics covered here are –
How to overcome SHYNESS
Social anxiety
Don’t make yourself responsible for it

Fight the negative thoughts
Challenge the negative thoughts

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Making change in your lifestyle
Reduces breathing rate

Form new relationship
Be more talkative
Boost your self confidence
How to walk into a room
Self consousness
Art of small talk
Dealing with rejection
You too can overcome
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