How To Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety ♡

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Hello lovelies, if you don’t have shyness/social anxiety I’m sorry this video isn’t really relevant to you but watch it anyway if you want!
I have been meaning to make this for ages but I wanted it to be as good as I could make it so I kept putting it off…but here it is and I hope that it’s a little bit useful!

I didn’t talk much about my personal experience but if you are interested…it got really bad in secondary school because I was in a highly academic environment and felt inferior to everyone else so was too afraid to speak in class because I felt I would be judged and that fear spread to public speaking, meeting new people, going to social occasions and even talking to people on the phone. I would have panic attacks, not be able to speak at all, get extremely stressed, shaky, and quite often just flee from the situation. A lot of people didn’t really understand it, for example how I wouldn’t even go to some of my best friends’ birthday parties because they were in a club and it made me feel really guilty so I had to do something about it. About a year ago I started to get help and mostly through the method I talked about first, I found that I was becoming less and less anxious. Next month I’m starting uni, which in the past would have been the most terrifying idea in the world but now I am actually pretty excited about it 🙂

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Sammi (beautycrush) made a good video about this topic:

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