How to overcome social anxiety 100% forever.

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Social anxiety can be overcome and defeated. One of the most common and prevalent myths surrounding this disorder is that some are born with it. Scientific studies on the subject and testing methods have proven otherwise. Social anxiety has no conclusive or single root cause, but rather a number of influences. Psychological factors play a big part as well as the environment a person grows up in.

Social anxiety can be cured, defeated or overcome with hard work and dedication. Because of the nature of the disorder, remnants of a damaged past make it difficult to reverse the effects of the disorder. However, people with social anxiety can lead normal lives, hold down responsibilities/jobs and live normal lives. It is a disorder that will rely on the individual’s inner will to want to make a change. Therapy and medication alone isn’t enough. There needs to be a willingness. And with that said, I’m working towards defeating my Post traumatic stress and social anxiety symptoms and making great progress. Thanks for watching.

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