How to overcome study anxiety with NLP

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How. – Hi everyone I want to share a client story with you.Couple of days ago I got this E-mail from someone who is from the Middle east who was basically saying,look I have this traumatic experience when I was going to school and I’ve got this block around studying.So he is a train doctor and he wants to come to the US so he needs to take his medical exam here in the US,so he’s studying those books,and something about that traumatic experience now is blocking him from reading those books,he can read them but as he reads them he has this thought that you know I don’t believe this will stick I don’t believe I can do this and for last 2 years he’s been suffering from trying to pass his exam and able to study those books.So we did a Skype call from here in Baltimore,Maryland to some where in the Middle East and did NLP session and I got some E-mails back right afterwards the very next day saying 1.For the last 2 yrs I had nightmares,every single night that I sleep,and had my first night sleep without nightmares,and just think about that we are working on his ability to read books and it handles nightmares which is nice 2.the very next day he was reading his books not quiet that he needs to be but traumatically better than he was before,so the main thing I wanna share this with you is that change happened in a moment ,and which tools like applied neuroscience,neurolinguistics,We can get people to get this melody that they had for a while and change them in an instant and we can get that are doing well we can help them breakthrough so they can achieve greatness.Hope you enjoy this talk to you later bye!

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