How To Pick Up Girls And Keep Them: The RSDMax Manifesto

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03:07 Max’s Story
04:34 Does Size Matter?
14:14 Does Money Matter?
16:47 Do Looks Matter?
22:05 How To Overcome Approach Anxiety
36:04 How To Become More Social
40:37 How Girls Show They’re Interested
50:30 How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say
1:14:11 Female Psychology 101: Understanding Women
1:19:54 The Truth About Feminism
1:21:23 How Women Test You: “Shittests”
1:29:57 Long Term Relationships
1:32:14 How To Deal With Rejection
1:39:25 How To Approach: What To Say
1:42:03 Vibing: How To Vibe And Become Irresistible
1:50:55 Physicality: Basics Of Physical Escalation
1:57:21 How To Make Her Feel Comfortable With Sex
2:01:01 Closing: Getting Her Number
2:04:44 Closing Social Media Close (The Big Advantage)
2:08:08 Pulling: How To Take A Girl Home
2:09:21 Screening Her For Sex Before The Pull
02:14:10 How To Deal With Her Friends
02:16:12 Taking Her Home: The 3 Stages Of Pulling
2:23:29 Is Pickup Manipulation
2:24:48 How To Pull If You Don’t Have A Place
2:28:42 How To Pull From Daygame
2:34:56 Dates
2:40:22 How To Initiate Sex Once You’re At Home
2:44:45 How To Deal With “LMR”
2:51:00 After Sex: How To Have Her Come Back For More
2:52:43 Advanced Game
2:55:55 How To Be More Relatable
2:59:42 The “FFF”: Fuck Faith Frame
3:01:43 How To Feel Good Enough

How to pick up girls and keep them: the full-length RSDMax Manifesto. RSDMax explains EVERYTHING you need to know in order to know how to pick up girls and keep them. it’s basically a crash course in how to pick up girls, but it goes way beyond the mere spiel of how to pick up girls, in fact it will make you pick up girls and keep them. It will make you a better person. A better person that does know how to pick up girls but also someone who’s crushing it in life!

RSDMax is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the biggest platform for dating advice and personal development. He’s traveling the world teaching men and women confidence and how to become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Follow him on his passionate adventures around the world or get in contact with him HERE:


Outro Song: Paul Smite – Looking Forward