How to Reach Your Goals: Overcoming FEAR

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This is a short segment from Volume 1 of the Souletic Movement™ DVD on how to overcome fears that may be stopping your progress.

Souletic Movement™ Get Fit. Get Abs. Get Soul. includes not only physical practice, but also the mindset one must have to achieve goals. One of the segments of the Souletic Movement™ DVD Bringing the Health, Wellness and Soul to You home workout reveals how to overcome one of the main emotions stopping people from reaching their desired results, and that’s fear.

Every volume of Souletic Movement™ includes

1 – an intense workout that will increase your strength, flexibility, and explosiveness without overly impacting your joints
2 – a breakdown of the movement to ensure proper technique
3 – wellness tips and a health challenge
4 – the mental and/or spiritual side of health and wellness

With Volume 1, you will learn:
Simple breathing techniques that will improve your flexibility
How to correctly perform poses and postures to build strength quickly and easily
Peak performance exercises that can be done in limited space
Explosive training methods used by elite athletes
The best home ab workout to strengthen your core
Movements that will ease joint pain, minimize stress, and aid digestion
How to overcome fear and achieve your best in any sport, career or personal endeavor

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