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How to Block Bad Thoughts
Everyone has bad thoughts from time to time — it’s perfectly normal. You might be stressed out about an upcoming interview or presentation, or you might just have an embarrassing memory that you wish you never had to think about again. This article provides methods for dealing with unwanted thoughts so they don’t take over your mind. You may not able to completely block counter-productive thoughts, but you can deal with them healthfully by identifying them, challenging them, practicing techniques for reducing them, coping with and accepting them, and getting social support for them.

Identifying and Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts

-Change your bad thoughts. After you have identified your bad thoughts and thinking patterns, you can begin in develop alternative thoughts.

-Substitute positive wording and imagery for negative ones. For example, if someone tells you not to slam the door, the first thing your mind does is imagine a door slamming.

-Consider the best case scenario. If you cannot stop worrying about how something could go wrong, flip the script and focus, instead, on the most positive possible outcome in that situation. Instead of trying to totally ignore the thing that is causing you stress, guide your thoughts in a direction that causes you less stress and anxiety.

-Address bad thoughts about other people. If your bad thoughts are about someone else (“I hate that person”) ask yourself why you had that thought. Did this person do something bad to you? Is he or she abusive? Or is it something within you, like you’re jealous of him or her? When you have these thoughts, examine your own emotions. What are you feeling right now? Do you feel insecure, powerless, or isolated?

-Create a worry period and postpone the bad thought.Research shows that one of the most effective ways to deal with an unwanted thought is to simply let it run its course. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have time to do that at any given moment. Create a “worry period,” a set time each day when you are allowed to worry.

-Observe the bad thought but choose not engage it. For instance, when the unhelpful thought occurs, make a mental note that it did occur. It might be something you say out of habit to yourself, or it might be something in your environment, something someone said or did, that triggered a bad memory.

-Let them run their course. Research has shown that if we try too hard to distract ourselves from otherwise normal unpleasant thoughts, our minds can focus on them so much that they become destructively bad, obsessive thoughts.

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