How to Stop Overthinking – Life Changing Tip

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Overthinking is an addiction. In this video, you will learn how to stop overthinking and obsessive thoughts with ease.

I used to overanalyze everything. Negative thoughts would creep into my mind and they would take over. Eventually, I learned to let go and stop engaging with the negative self talk.

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It is a gem for stopping excessive thinking.

A cool thing to note about this video is how your mindset affects your presentation. In the beginning, I spoke faster and less clearly because I was recollecting what it felt like to overthink things.

As I calmed down… remembering what it was like to breathe, and let my thoughts pass by… like clouds through the sky… my voice calmed down as well. My body became still. My eyes focused on the camera.

You can make this shift today. It’s all a matter of what you focus on. If you focus on thinking, you will only think more feverishly. If you look for the answer through analysis, you will only analyze more throughly.

If you take the time to find space, to breathe, to get of your head, your mind will quiet down. It’s inevitable.

Hope this video helps!

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