How To Stop Worrying – Some Ways To Deal With Anxiety

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1. Your Becoming A Bad Story Teller Humans love stories. We react well to them and we also like to tell them. Typically worry is you creating a story, creating a scenario that doesn’t even exist. When you worry you become a bad story teller. Not only do you paint scenario after scenario with no real explanation about how or why that might happen you also forget to include that ‘happy ending’ we all love in stories. 2. Shift To Gratitude Worrying is a negative state of mind. How can you live at full potential in a negative state of mind? Worrying typically involves you thinking about a ‘lack of’ something. A lack of money, a lack of relationships, a lack of confidence, self respect, happiness, a lack of career prospects. When you focus on what you don’t have you’ll be forced into a negative mindset. A mindset which involves stress, worrying, depression, anxiety and unhappiness. Doesn’t sound like a nice place to be in does it? Shifting your focus and your thoughts to what you do have is a simple shift which has a huge impact. Gratitude is a positive state of mind, and when you’re in a positive state of mind you feel happy, fulfilled, excited for the future and you believe you can achieve anything. 3. Face The Fear Worry typically stems from fear. I used to worry a lot before public speaking. The preparation would be filled with worry, sleepless nights leading up to the gig and stepping in front of people was a very fearful situation for me. Again I painted scenarios about what could happen, what could go wrong and I even considered turning down the job or just not turning up. Fear is just a comfort zone waiting to be broken. 4. Stop Trying To Control Other People’s Thoughts A big part of worrying typically involves other people. We try and control every situation and also everyones thoughts and beliefs about us. Stop trying to control what other people think and stop worrying about what people think of you. 5. Stop For A Moment Last but not least, just stop.