Hypnosis for Confidence – Motivation To Be Confident

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

Preparation for hypnosis sessions, that helps you tune into the appropriate level of confidence, to benefit many areas of life. So you no longer suffer the limitations of counter-productive unnecessary low confidence.

Hypnotherapy, guided meditation, NLP and positive psychology to assist your subconscious mind.


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1. Confidence Hypnosis – Motivation
2. Confidence Hypnosis – Social Confidence
3. Confidence Hypnosis – Social Phobia
4. Confidence Hypnosis – Assertiveness
5. Confidence Hypnosis – Shyness

6. Anxiety Hypnosis – Public Speaking
7. Anxiety Hypnosis – Stage Fright
8. Anxiety Hypnosis – Stuttering
9. Anxiety Hypnosis – Exams & Studying
10. Anxiety Hypnosis – Interviews
11. Anxiety Hypnosis – Driving Test

12. Fear Hypnosis – Preparation
13. Fear Hypnosis – Fears & Phobias
14. Fear Hypnosis – Fear of Flying
15. Fear Hypnosis – Fear of Driving
16. Fear Hypnosis – Fear of Heights


“Hypnosis for Confidence – Motivation To Be Confident”

This recording focuses on situations when the message of a low confidence feeling is unhelpful, and prevents us from taking appropriate action. So make sure the area you focus on to increase your confidence, is one where you have a basic competence. This recording is not trying to lie to ourselves, instead are allowing ourselves our true appropriate level of confidence.

So Why Develop Confidence?

Confidence isn’t required for all situations in life, but it can help us deal with challenging situations. Any challenging situation brings with it some risk and some reward. The possibility of failure or rejection. The possibility of success or acceptance.

There is a subconscious tendency to try to avoid pain, and gain pleasure. And we tend to do more to avoid pain, than we do to gain pleasure. So we can try to play it safe. There’s little risk, but little possibility for reward. And in the end, a life with no risk is so unrewarding that the real greatest risk is in taking no risk at all.

Yet old people, looking back on their lives, tend to regret the things they didn’t do. They eventually learn that though we tend to prefer to avoid risk, we also tend to over-estimate risk, and under-estimate the rewards, that mean fulfilling our life purpose.


Recommended Use

Create a consistent hypnosis space, where you can recline comfortably at a 30 degree angle, ideally early in the morning or late at night, around five times per week for around three weeks.

Listen only when it is safe to fall asleep or relax completely. Do not use while driving. Best used with headphones.


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