Hypnosis: Overcome the Fear of Cold Calls (Sherree Etter, Hypnotist. Dayton Hypnosis)

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Hypnosis: Overcome the Fear of Cold Calls (presented by Sherree Etter, Hypnotist, Dayton OH)

Does the thought of making cold calls paralyze you? Is the fear of cold calling so strong, that you are ineffective when you do make them?

The ability to consistently make cold calls is a major component to sales confidence and ultimately sales success. It can be the key to improving your sales rate and distinguishing you from others in your field.

This hypnosis recording will help train your mind to respond in a better way when cold calling, so you will feel more relaxed with the process, and comfortably detached from the outcome.

Caution: Listen to this recording only when you can give it your full attention. Do not operate machinery or engage in other activities that require your attention while listening to this recording.

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