Jason Blaha 40 Years Of Delusion Part 2 – Death Threats – Layne Norton – Stalking – Supp Industry

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Part 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy1U6yLcN08
Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHlDOKklwgo
[2014] = Jason smug & condescending when Layne was getting death threats
00:19 [2014] [Layne] made a 33min video about me
00:47 US Embassy protected my assets
01:12 I hid ,000, all assets, in another country
01:54 US Embassy said I would never have to pay
02:03 Pity Vegan Gains doesn’t have protection from Embassy like me
02:23 Showed no assets, went to court in flip flops, shorts, superman t-shirt
02:47 [2014] If u’re getting anxiety attacks from stalkers get off internet
03:10 Cyberstalkers committed felonies! Exposed TV shutdown barring federal investigation
03:45 FitMisc.net biggest part cyberstalking ring
03:52 Jerry Ward admitted part of cyberstalking ring, immediate physical threat
04:06 Layne comes within half mile, consider immediate threat of death
05:12 People going to stalk us, rape us, burn us alive
05:23 [2014] Recommend anti anxiety meds
05:30 [2014] Want to sound more truthful? Take public speaking course
06:00 Veterans sending death threats
06:22 Cyberstalkers in foreign countries exotic sounding names
06:56 [2014] I appreciate death threats, only silly kids
07:37 Been hurt over cyberstalking campaign
08:06 100 death threats a day, dead animals mailed
08:45 No public appearances, advised by police
08:51 Police explicitly said not do public appearances
09:11 Yes, I & my female gf shutdown Exposed TV
09:26 [2014] Police showed up. Layne scared of kids on internet
10:53 Have handed FBI 18gb of data
11:20 Jerry Ward, cellphone going to FBI, Recommend u hire a lawyer
11:30 [2014] Believe what u want, I don’t care
12:00 [Layne] wants to hurt my wife by hoping I get deported
13:22 Sue Vegan Gains mother so she can lose house
14:22 Trolls brought father & I back together
15:32 [2014] Watch Layne’s mannerism, think what u want
15:54 Never made threat against Layne’s family, was fake account
16:24 Don’t know anything about Facebook threat to Layne, wasn’t me
16:37 Proof Facebook threat came from Blaha
17:33 Jason blames ex-wife for sending threat
18:02 Jason blames hackers for sending threat
18:37 Layne invited me to Florida to have me killed
19:05 Making this public in case I’m killed, so authorities & family know to go after Layne
19:36 Layne, u sent death threat to yourself
19:59 [2014] Don’t blame me for something my fans r doing
20:52 Popular Military “slanderous” article was paid by Layne
21:21 [Layne] funded cyberstalking campaign
21:46 Stalkers paid by Layne
22:04 Layne said he would pour gas to watch me burn, sicced people on my family
22:20 Layne paid for a news publication to smear & incite violence against me
22:39 [2014] Don’t believe [Layne] getting threats, because he keeps drawing attention to it
23:40 [Family members] have received 17 death threats
23:50 I know Layne paid for Popular Military article, Tricked sales guy into confessing [Bluha thinks he’s Marc Davis now]
24:53 [2014] An intelligent man wouldn’t keep bringing up death threats against his family
25:22 I didn’t threaten Layne’s family, I don’t go after peoples loved ones
25:44 Real man doesn’t threaten children
25:50 Jason implied death threat towards Layne’s wife
26:33 [2014] Leave Layne alone guys
26:51 Layne lost money, I made money, all good
27:11 Thanks haters for free publicity, next year I will be able to buy new car & house
28:26 [2014] U pick fights with me, gets expensive
29:15 I live in high security apartment, shoot u for trespassing
29:48 I keep police updated with my training schedule
30:19 Invite me to location of your choosing? Do I have stupid written on my forehead?
30:53 Cyberstalkers given me much broader scope to use force
31:30 [Layne], hardly even think about u, who’s the fken loser?
31:58 Layne will pay to have me killed

32:30 Supplement companies harass me. CEO harassing me unprovoked
32:47 Ian [McCarthy] is my enemy, he is in business with a CEO who’s at war with me
34:09 People trying to chip me down because I’m a threat
34:21 Supplement Industry wants me silenced, hurting their profits, I’ve gotten to big
35:01 I’m most hated person in supplement industry, cost them money
35:32 Supplement Industry takes pop shots at me then run & hide
35:50 They know where to find me, recommend they don’t
36:18 I’m a real man, will come and talk man to man
36:30 I’m not a pussy, not afraid to confront people
36:44 Want written permission from expo to bring guns, will kill anyone who tries to assault me
37:01 These guys smelt pussy when saw me, no pussy here, not shy
37:20 I’ve moved back to Texas. Bring it I will fken end u!
37:36 Noone going to intimidate me, fking bring it!
37:48 Not turning dislike bar off, not going to happen
37:55 I will now be turning dislike bar off
37:59 Had shotgun in mouth, was about to pull trigger, chose to live, not going to happen