Jesus Freed Me from Social Anxiety : Kyung-Bok Shin, Hanmaum Church

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Jesus Freed Me from Social Anxiety!
-Kyung-Bok Shin, Hanmaum Church-

From the testimony:

“Since the risen Jesus was my Lord, social anxiety was not a problem for me anymore. I had nothing to be afraid of. It was because the Almighty God was in my heart. Since everything of Jesus was mine, I could live together with Him.

“Afterwards, my attitude towards people changed. Before, I’d avoid people’s eyes in any meeting I had to attend. Now I do not fear people. Rather, I’d approach people and talk to them first. That’s because I need to know about the person so that I can pray for them…

“Before, if I had to eat with people, I wouldn’t eat at all, or I’d eat quickly under a minute then flee the place. But now I always eat with others at a leisurely pace, enjoying the meal as we converse about our lives. Also I can ride a bus without any stress. In a crowded lecture room during class, I don’t stare at the desk. I naturally look straight ahead. Also, to cope with stress, I don’t need to bite on stones anymore. It is because the risen Jesus is my Lord.”


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