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Anxiety – The Most Powerful Tool We are Given

ANXIETY is a mirror or reflection of the very same energy and power that we must summon, harness, and thrust out into the world “a bit differently” if we are to have a happier result.

At the tender age of six, Laurie-Beth Robbins asked her parents in rural Vermont for octopus and frog legs (to eat) and was atypical throughout her schooling in a myriad of ways, which resulted in her being brutally bullied, and hence the “makings of anxiety” on epic scales.

Despite such tumult, Robbins listened to her “zones” of happiness, (which were public speaking and food), and traveled forth on a journey of cuisine, oratorical doings and “looking for the good” in every moment.

Having taught public speaking on the college level, private “cheffed” all around the world, (with exotic healthful cuisine), conducted wine tastings which teach etiquette to others albeit in a comedic and fun way, and raised a handful of dogs (whom she cooked gourmet meals for each day), LB is now a public speaker full time and helps “slay the ANXIETY” which many hold around food, or about public speaking, and much else.

She’s met Rosa Parks, cooked and brought food to the homeless, and never met an ounce of body fat that she didn’t enjoy getting – zealous foodie that she is!

Her proudest moments however, are that she innately gets others excited about life.

Shot & Edited By: Miles C. Woodworth
Music By:CreativeMornings