[Lecture] Thinking Policy: Educational Futures in a Time of Edu-Anxiety

Is a Keynote by Next Week Possible? Find Out How.

The power of education to transform our world is undeniable yet education has for a long time been a prisoner of presentist thinking and policy. Educational futures seeks to disturb this presentism by interrogating the spaces in which education is framed, maintained and articulated. In this lecture the focus will be on how policy acts as a process domain in which the pragmatic interests of states and citizens combine to create edu-anxiety. Such anxiety can lead to reactionary policy or, in the futures context, to exciting policy fragmentation that opens institutional responses to alternatives. Of interest here is how stress causes mutation in social forms and the language employed to think and communicate about the policy futures of education.

Click here for the Q&A session: https://youtu.be/WMQU07nF17I


Dr Marcus Bussey is an educator, futurist and historian. He has a keen interest in intercultural encounter. He teaches courses in world history, sustainable futures and cultural change theory at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia where he is a member of the Arts Research in the Creative
Humanities (ARCH) collective. His research interests focus on educational futures, cultural transformation and the embodied processes we need to foster to further this important next step.


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